by Penny Arcade

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"Us" is simply four stripped down recordings of songs written about topics I'm not used to write about in a style different than my norm. They're pretty raw considering vocals and guitar are tracking at once. The entire thing was done in two weeks during the final weeks of Daisy Wheel, with songs typically being recorded the same day they were written.


released February 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Penny Arcade Akron, Ohio

Just passing time until a Dashboard Confessional cover band becomes plausible.

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Track Name: Bigelow
I’m still locked out of your house. You’re still sound asleep. The neighbors are all out on their front lawns scaring me stiff. I know that I don’t belong here. But I've got seven open boxes of Bigelow tea, five cell phone pictures of you and me, collared button-up pocket tees saved for the days when I’ll see you this week. I've still got no plan for the day your mood swings and doesn't come back again. I know what you’re capable of. I know you’re reckless, but I know you’re in love. And I've got a shelf full of books I have yet to read, a dead saint’s guitar with brand new strings, an empty page and full set of keys, your note on the table in front of me.
Track Name: Dress Clothes
Tell me all about Florida, I'll tell you all about the west coast. Tell me all about burning bridges, I'll tell you all about digging holes deep enough for you and I to lie down in barely alive. You find what we get out of this life doesn't add up to the peace on the other side. So I'll wear a nice tie, we'll stay out all night traveling from place to place. I'll watch you play, if at this age that's what you call not settling, then I won't settle for anything less than everything. But Ohio's no Neverland, I feel all time pass as a grain of sand. For every winter that goes by, it just leaves more and more salt in my eyes. I keep buying gasoline. You keep buying books to fall asleep. We're both scared how college will transpose but you balance the world on the tips of your toes.
Track Name: The Weather In Ohio
This summer’s going to be a long one, I feel it coming on in the middle of January. You do your best to prove me wrong, you say this couldn't be worth staying. We’re a lot like the weather here, I think everyone from Ohio is bound to be. You go south for the winter dear, I’ll dig a hole a mile deep. I see it melt off slowly, the ice in cracks of concrete. We've spent out lives riding out extremes why should it be any different come to you and me? In spring we flood the earth giving life no warning. When everything is said and done, I love the petrichor in the morning. But I’m so tired of staying in, and you’d die for the idea of new skin. You are more vibrant than autumn leaves and I’ll paint every color if it kills me. I drew ghosts with sidewalk chalk, now they’re coming for me, leave my body to rot. When I’m nothing more than ash in an urn, know you were worth more than what I’d earned.
Track Name: Astronauts
If time is money, then we should burn it all together but frankly, most nights I'm too tired to start a revolution with the rest of our generation, and I wish that you and I were going back to sleep. What's your opinion on stoplights? And how many do you think we'd have to run if we were trying to make it to the moon before dawn, before they turn the grid off? I want to see the streetlights from space the same way that I saw them from the window of an airplane. This summer, let's be astronauts. Let's build model rockets. Let's leave this world with less oxygen than we found it. God, you are beautiful but you're going to need bigger wings angel to carry the weight of that heart you've got your talons through tonight.